Snapple is introducing a new line of 20-ounce beverages that can go just about anywhere. The line of all-natural juice drinks, fruit drinks and teas target on-the-go consumers and will launch in the spring, a peak period for outdoor activity. Packed in proprietary 20-ounce plastic bottles, the unbreakable container is perfect for those occasions where a glass bottle just won't do. The line will be welcome at beaches, golf courses, schools, pools and parks throughout the country.

"Putting the `best stuff' in plastic opens the door to new usage occasions for Snapple," said Neil Kimberley, brand director, Snapple. "Consumers can now enjoy the all-natural, great taste of Snapple doing just about anything, anywhere. Best of all, our 20-ounce PET design satisfies consumer demand without sacrificing Snapple's distinct personality."

The new Snapple products will be packed in award winning 20-ounce PET bottles that were recognized by the Institute of Packaging Professionals for innovation and design of the 20-ounce bottle. The labeling process uses a ground-breaking "roll-on, shrink-on" process that allows the product to be labeled at the top of the package, giving greater presence in the convenience store cooler. Consumers are more mobile than ever, creating an increased demand for great tasting beverages that can be enjoyed on the go.

Sun Teas

Capitalizing on a category that grew 11% last year, Snapple's 20-ounce PET Sun Teas have a refreshing, all-natural taste, just like sun teas brewed in backyards everywhere.(1)

Lemon Sun Tea: The crisp, refreshing taste of sun-brewed tea with a splash of lemon.

Peach Sun Tea: Light, refreshing sun tea with a hint of Georgia peach.


Lemonade is not just a neighborhood business anymore. The 20-ounce PET lemonade category grew by 21% in 1999.(2) Snapple captures the essence of the neighborhood lemonade stand in a portable bottle.

Sun Lemonade: Brewed with a drop of sunshine, Snapple Sun Lemonade puts a tingle on your tongue.

Raspberry Lemonade: The taste of real raspberries places a juicy spin on this summertime favorite.

Fruit Drinks

Juice drinks packed in 20-ounce PET containers are growing at a staggering rate, up 32% in 1999.(3) Snapple's all-natural juice drinks, made with fruit juices, pack a real fruit taste.

Island Punch: Island Punch will transfer thirsty consumers to the Caribbean. A bouquet of tropical fruit tastes, Island Punch is fabulously fruity.

Cranberry Grapefruit: The juicy taste of grapefruit meets the unmistakable fresh taste of tart cranberries.

Snapple's new 20-ounce PET products will be supported through a host of point-of-sale materials and the Snapple website (

The Triarc Beverage Group, a unit of Triarc Companies (NYSE:TRY), Inc., has a beverage brand portfolio that includes Snapple®, Mistic®, Royal Crown® and Stewart's®.

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