The Waldherr familys Hirschkuss

The Waldherr family's Hirschkuss

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The Waldherr family's Hirschkuss

Category - Spirits, liqueur, Germany. Four variants, between 20% and 38% abv

Available - From early next year

Location - US. Details on availability will be posted here

Price - A 4cl mini-bottle will retail for about US$4, a 50cl bottle will cost $24.00 and a 70cl bottle will retail at $29.00

Distribution - All Star Imports

Hirschkuss, the English translation of which is 'stag's kiss', was unveiled by All Star Imports this week at the Americas Food & Beverage Show 2010 in Miami. It is a herbal liqueur created using a family recipe, which was passed on to Petra Waldherr, Hirschkuss’ owner and managing director, by her great aunt. The confidential recipe calls for a mixture of over 40 different herbs, mostly those native to the Bavarian Alps region.

As well as the original Hirkschkuss liqueur (38% abv), three flavoured variants will be launched in the US next year; Berry Twitter 'Vogelgezwitscher' (rowan berry liqueur - 25% abv), Plums Up 'Kernlos' (plum liqueur - 20%), and Little Pear 'Birndl' (pear liqueur - 25%).