Rethink beer is a new beer from Canada which includes herbs said to increase sexual performance, all with a little help from the Kama Sutra of course.

A NEW beer breed, which can increase levels of testosterone, has been launched in the Canadian beer market by an alliance between a brewer and an advertising agency.

Rethink beer is a lager infused with three types of herbs in each bottle; ginseng - a Chinese herb known for its energising properties - gingko, (a trendy supplement said to improve memory), and tribulus, a favourite amongst Olympic weight-lifters, which has been shown to increase testosterone levels and stimulate sexual appetite.

The amount of the herbs in each bottle of Rethink is one eighth of a typical daily dose, not really enough to turn the average Canadian beer drinker into a Casanova; they may have to settle with being amorous drunks, depending on how many beers they are is willing to drink to achieve herbal machismo.

Chris Staples, a partner at Rethink Advertising has great conviction in his product. He told "It really works! The herbs counteract bad effects of the beer and it tastes great. Out west, herbal supplements are very popular and we thought why not add it to beer?"

Tree Brewing, also based in British Columbia are equal partners with Rethink, providing the brewing expertise, sales and distribution while Rethink designed the product, packaging and website for the beer.

The beer is currently running a promotion using the Kama Sutra. A number on each bottle's cap corresponds to a sexual position in the Indian book of love making. To find out which one drinkers need only visit the beer's website at