The Fresh Juice Company, a division of the Saratoga Beverage Group, is pleased to announce that both The Ultimate Juice(TM) fresh squeezed orange juice, and Just Pik't(TM) fresh frozen orange juice, are 2000 American Taste of Excellence Award winners.

The "blind" judgings were conducted by a panel of professional Chefs in San Francisco. The products were judged primarily for taste. Appearance and freshness were also considered. All products receiving the Award were judged "excellent" in all categories.

"We are delighted that both our fresh squeezed and fresh frozen orange juice have been recognized for outstanding flavor and freshness. The Fresh Juice Company, and the entire Saratoga Beverage Group, maintains the highest standards of quality for our products and our employees, and we are pleased to be honored for achieving the level of excellence for which we strive," said Heather Thompson, Director of Marketing and Creative Development for the Saratoga Beverage Group.

The award was issued to the Fresh Juice Company by the Awards of the Americas, an organization devoted to benefiting consumers and commercial buyers by merchandising America's best products. The American Tasting Institute was founded in 1993 as a private organization by Chef Jesse Sartain and his professional Chef colleagues to promote taste, safety and nutritional standards.

For distribution information of The Ultimate Juice(TM) and Just Pik't(TM) fresh squeezed and fresh frozen citrus juices, please call Fresh Solutions Distributing at 973-465-7100.

The Saratoga Beverage Group, Inc., formerly the Saratoga Spring Water Company, was founded in 1872. Saratoga produces sparkling and non-carbonated spring water products and Saratoga Splash and, through its subsidiary The Fresh Juice Company, Inc., manufactures, markets, and distributes fresh squeezed and fresh frozen citrus juices, fresh fruit smoothies (blends of juices and purees) and other non-carbonated beverages marketed under the labels "The Ultimate Juice," "Just Pik't," "Hansen's," and "Frooja." (