Click through to view The Coca-Cola Cos Odwalla Smoothies For Kids

Click through to view The Coca-Cola Co's Odwalla Smoothies For Kids

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Category - Soft drinks, smoothies

Available - In selected stores in February, wide release from 16 April

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - US$1.49 per 20cl pack and $5.99 per four-pack bundle

Distribution - The Coca-Cola Co

Odwalla has announced the launch of Smoothies For Kids, a not-from-concentrate smoothie drink that the company is marketing at school lunches and on-the-go use. The smoothies come in three flavours, Strawberry Banana Jungle, Mango Pineapple Island and Grape Berry Prairie, are gluten-free and contain 11.8cl of fruit.

Odwalla has teamed up with, the official parenting website of the AAP, the US' largest paediatric organisation.

The logo will appear on all Odwalla Smoothies For Kids packaging.

The drink will be available in the refrigerated sections of natural food stores, supermarkets and speciality shops in the US. 

They are available in 20cl single units and in four-pack bundles.

Coco-Cola bought Odwalla for US$181m in 2001.