Coca-Colas Mix by Sprite Tropic Berry will only be available in McDonalds restaurants

Coca-Cola's Mix by Sprite Tropic Berry will only be available in McDonald's restaurants

The Coca-Cola Co's Mix by Sprite Tropic Berry

Category - Soft drinks, CSD

Available - Piloted earlier this year and now available nation-wide in US

Location - Exclusively in McDonald's restaurants

Price - Varies; initial promotion price US$1

The Coca-Cola Co has launched its new McDonald's-exclusive Sprite nation-wide in the US. Mix by Sprite Tropic Berry is now available at all participating McDonald's restaurants in the US following a trial roll-out earlier this year.

It combines the lemon-lime flavour of Sprite with strawberry, orange and pineapple.

Coca-Cola, which is McDonald's main beverage supplier, has linked up with the restaurant chain before to launch new drinks. Last year, the two companies worked together to roll out McDonald's McCafé Frappés, an RTD coffee. In 2012, Coca-Cola helped create a new McDonald's fruit drink called Fruitizz that launched in the UK.

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