Click through to view The Coca-Cola Cos Fruitwater

Click through to view The Coca-Cola Co's Fruitwater

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Product Launch - US: The Coca-Cola Co's Fruitwater

Category - Soft drinks, carbonated, flavoured

Available - From 1 April

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - To be confirmed, available in 50cl bottles

Distributor - To be confirmed  

The Coca-Cola Co has launched a carbonated flavoured water range.

Fruitwater comes in black raspberry, orange-mango, strawberry-kiwi, lemon-lime and watermelon punch flavours and is sweetened with artificial sweetener sucralose, Coca-Cola said yesterday (19 March). It is made by the company's Glaceau unit, which also makes other bottled water brands Smartwater and Vitaminwater.

The zero-calorie brand could be seen as a retort to critics who claim soft drinks consumption is a reason for rising levels of obesity in the US. Earlier this year, Coca-Cola launched a two-minute anti-obesity ad in the country.