Less Serious represents Coca-Colas biggest global push for Fanta

'Less Serious' represents Coca-Cola's biggest global push for Fanta

The Coca-Cola Co has launched its largest global marketing campaign for its Fanta CSD brand.

'Less Serious', which originally launched in a number of markets in 2007, will roll out in regions representing around 90% of the brand's global sales volume in 2011. The campaign will initially kick off in the US today (30 March) through the broadcast of a commercial entitled 'Chase' (available to view below) on American Idol.

The 'Less Serious' campaign has only been implemented on a regional basis to date, in markets including Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

"Moving to one consistent global marketing platform is a strategic and necessary progression for a brand with Fanta's international footprint," said Coca-Cola's executive VP and chief marketing officer, Joe Tripodi. "At the same time, we've developed a platform that is flexible enough to address specific business needs for the brand in different markets."

The campaign will be rolled out with a flexible approach that allows each market to choose from three different marketing focuses - taste, "brand attitude", or new product news.

Marketing will include broadcast commercials, print and out-of-home advertisements, mobile ringtones, websites, digital banners, and in-store displays. Around 100 markets will use the same website design as used at www.fanta.com.