Coke Zero caffeine-free launches in Spain

Coke Zero caffeine-free launches in Spain

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The Coca-Cola Co has launched caffeine-free Coke Zero in Spain to target a growing number of body-conscious Spaniards after the "successful" launch of Coke Zero.

Caffeine-free Coke Zero will be sold 330ml PET in both restaurants and supermarkets. The company would not provide sales forecasts to just-drinks when contacted this week.

The move is the fourth drinks launch from Coca-Cola in Spain this year. The US soft drinks giant has already launched Minute Maid Todo Naranja [all orange], Burn Shot and the new Aquarius Libre sports drink.

Coca-Cola has been working to introduce low-sugar and caffeine-free products to cater to increasingly health-conscious consumers in Spain.

"This is one more bet they are making to expand the Coke Zero franchise which has been very successful here," said a company insider, who did not wish to be named. According to Nielsen, caffeine-free Coke and caffeine-free Diet Coke account for 70% of the caffeine-free soft drinks market in Spain.