Drinks business knowledge providers just-drinks.com announces excellent sales of products through their online Knowledge Store.The just-drinks.com Knowledge Store promotes market reports/studies, publication subscriptions, conferences, training courses and books, provided by leading partners such as: Canadean, Key Note, Leatherhead Food RA, Retail Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Reuters Business InsightThe Knowledge Store is an exciting new addition to the comprehensive free industry news and analysis already available on just-drinks.com .Senior Partner Manager, Andy Burton explains the knowledge store success: "We created the store to satisfy the need for a 'one stop shop' selling pertinent business knowledge -- an essential range of leading reports and publications from established research and analysis bodies. Our sales are twice that of our targets to date, and we anticipate that this growth will continue in the coming months. The Store is a valuable new feature of the site, providing another value-added service to our visitors, in addition to offering our partners exposure to a global market."Partner Key Note Ltd confirmed "We feel that an already successful relationship will become even more beneficial for both organisations. We have been impressed from the start with just-drinks.com approach to their business and their commitment to make our relationship a profitable one. We feel we have a bright future with just-drinks.com and are confident that their ambition alongside our products targeted at vertical markets is a recipe for success."Reports are available from