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The Albion Racing Club's A.R.C. Spiced Malt

Category - Spirits, malt, UK, 42% abv

Available - From this week

Location - France and the UK, from Fortnum & Mason, and Gerry's (in-store and online). Also available in selected on-trade outlets in London and Meribel in France

Price - In UK, RRP of GBP39.99 (US$67) per 70cl bottle. Also on sale in 50cl bottles

Distribution - Coe Vintners

Albion Racing Club has launched a spiced malt product. Produced by the English Spirit Distillery in the UK, A.R.C. is made from malted barley and is five times, copper pot, small-batch distilled. The spirit is infused with Colombian coffee beans, Indian vanilla pods and raisins.

Albion Racing Club is a collective of car enthusiasts. The organisation, which was set up in 2012, will kick off with its inaugural race 'The Alpine Run 2014, Meribel or Bust?' later this month, starting from the distillery, which is in Cambridgeshire.

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Albion Racing Club is making its first foray into the world of brown spirits with the UK launch of its British Spiced Malt to on and off-trade including Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly and Gerry’s, Old Compton Street, London.


A.R.C. is a hand-crafted malt, distilled five times in copper pot stills and then steeped in vanilla pods, raisins and Columbian coffee beans. It is hand-made, bottled and labelled in the UK at an artisan distillery in Cambridgeshire. The resulting liquid is a full-proof spirit (42% abv) that has some of the characteristics of whisky but is smoother, slightly sweeter and far more accessible to non-whisky drinkers.


The Albion Racing Club concept originated during the summer of 2012, with the ambition to create a spirit that was exciting and relevant for younger drinkers - something which could work equally well neat, or served as a cocktail. It was created by three experienced innovation, branding and design professionals with a collective 30 years drinks industry experience. From inception, Nick Pye, Ben White and Justin Wright spent 18 months developing and refining the brand and product in advance of its UK launch.

A.R.C. is born of a unique new approach to brown spirits, targeting premium spirit drinkers young or old, with a sense of adventure. They are encouraged to get involved with the Albion Racing Club - a fellowship of adventurers, more interested in racing with style than racing to win, and with the philosophy that the best adventures start and finish in the bar. The Albion Racing Club will operate at least two races every year, celebrating racing during the winter and summer seasons, and in the peculiarly British Spirit of Adventure. A.R.C.’s resident artist Jok Garriock has created a distinctive visual personality for the Racing Club, supported by original artworks, with a stylized 1930’s look and feel to capture the spirit of an era when Brits had a more carefree and optimistic approach to life. This distinctive visual signature can be seen on all Albion Racing Club’s materials, in-store presence and across A.R.C.s social media channels.

Albion has already enjoyed a successful pre-launch trial in Meribel, France. Sampling began in December 2013, with an Albion Racing Club pop-up bar operating throughout the ski season serving nothing but the A.R.C. Spiced Malt to an international clientele of skiers, snow-boarders and adventurers. A.R.C. has proved so successful in the Meribel test market, that it is now available across the resort at venues including Jack’s Bar, O’Sullivans, Rond Pont, Scotts, La Taverne and The Den. Albion celebrates its UK launch in March 2014 and will be on sale initially at Fortnum & Mason and Gerry’s, (in-store and online) plus the Boundary Hotel, Shoreditch, London & Albion Cafes. The RRP is £29.99 for the 50cl and £39.99 for the 70cl bottles.

The launch also coincides with Albion Racing Club’s inaugural race: The Alpine Run 2014, Meribel or Bust? from 21st-24th March 2014. It will see a collection of British vehicles, in­cluding vintage Land Rovers and a Tiger Moth, racing from A.R.C.’s Cambridgeshire Distillery to Meribel via Burgundy, taking more stock of A.R.C.’s Spiced Malt to see Meribel through to the end of the ski season. The weekend of capers will culminate in a run down the Olympic Bobsleigh Course. Full details of the The Alpine Run, how to take part, plus all the fun as it happens will be posted on

Albion Racing Club Captain, Justin Wright said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the Albion Racing Club in the UK, off the back of a really positive reception in our test market, Meribel. This year, we are focused on generating excitement and awareness, and expanding our distribution nationwide. Longer-term, we want to establish Albion Spiced Malt as a recognized bar call. A.R.C. is a totally new approach to brown spirits, targeting 28yr old+ men and women with a sense of adventure, challenging the conventions of the premium spirit category by making it a bit more exciting and energetic. Our Spiced Malt is a great tasting, accessible spirit of the highest quality, whilst our A.R.C. brand behaves like a club for kindred spirits, offering the opportunity to participate in our unique calendar of events and race alongside like-minded individuals. We look forward to welcoming a new generation of whisky drinkers to the Albion Racing Club, united in the belief that whether you are a ‘pacer’ or a ‘chaser’, real racers always find the spirit for one more run!”

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