Supermarket giant TESCO is the first to make an assault on the style market with the cult drink Absinthe, aimed at the young affluent image conscious.Absinthe, much maligned in the past, now has the fastest growing popularity of any specialised spirit in the UK. Once history's most notorious liquor, equally accredited with influencing both madman and genius, its reputation is founded on the wormwood-fuelled inspiration of many "creatives" such as Oscar Wilde, Baudelaire, van Gogh, Manet, Toulouse Lautrec and Picasso as well as fuelling the murderess intentions of Lanfray, who perpetrated the infamous "Absinthe Murder" of 1905. Indeed even the genius element was prone to erratic behaviour, as it is said that van Gogh loped off his ear whilst under the influence of Absinthe. Today's Absinth by Sebor, is a refined and distinctive drink, and still includes the authentic ingredient wormwood, the herb that creates the chemical "thujone" which is attributed to giving the "Absinthe experience" to its luminaries all those years ago. Absinthe carries a lot of favour with the young style conscious, as well as the well heeled, who would have enjoyed their youth in the 60's.The Absinthe market's premier brand "Sebor Absinth" (without the "e" as spelt in the country of origin) is taking the spirit market by storm, Sebor's M.D. Simon O'Neill says, " I don't believe that we could have this much success with any other product, I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we have seized, and it has turned into a roller-coaster ride to success."