The most powerful wine buyer in the UK has slammed the wine industry for being uncreative, slow to learn and failing to talk to consumers in a language that they understand.

Dan Jago, head of Beers, Wines and Spirits at Tesco, the UK's biggest wine retailer, was speaking at an industry forum on wine prices.

"The wine industry is not that good at running itself as a business compared to beer and spirits, particularly when it comes to NPD," he told the forum, organised by UK magazine Drinks Business. 

"There are so many good ideas if you look at other categories, but wine spends a lot of time trying to argue terroir, provenance and history, and they are the elements that consumers don't really care about."

Surprisingly, given the price pressure that many suppliers feel is exerted by supermarkets, Jago maintained that he was more interested in new ideas than sheer discounts.

"We have to educate the customer that there is a reason to pay more," he said. "Bring us innovation - don't bring us deals."