Terra Spase, the leading vineyard technology company, today announced the first online vineyard solutions web site, and a free offer to view its Napa Valley disease risk maps through May 15 at www.terraspase.com.

During this introductory period, Terra Spase is posting its Napa Valley mildew pressure map, allowing grape growers to avoid dangerous vine infections and optimize costly fungicide applications. The company is also posting Napa Valley weather maps which include precipitation, as well as minimum, maximum and average temperature during the critical spring season. From the Terra Spase home page, viewers click on "Weather" then on "Weather Data Products" and "Register" to view the free maps.

Detailed weather station data -- presented in graphs and charts -- is available for subscribers and will be made available at TerraSpase.com at no charge to clients who purchase weather stations through Terra Spase before June 1, 2000.

Three components -- mildew pressure maps, weather maps, and weather station data -- are available for Napa Valley by subscription for the 2000 growing season. Sonoma County information will be available in May.

"These maps are powerful decision making tools. Moving the data to the web simply allows more growers to improve quality and yield, and reduce costs," said Paul W. Skinner, Ph.D., president of Terra Spase. "Our web site provides a foundation for us to continue making more data available to the fine wine industry," he added.

Founded in 1994 by Paul W. Skinner, Ph.D., Terra Spase develops and applies the latest technologies to help grape growers and winemakers maximize fruit and wine quality. Based in St. Helena, California, the company integrates years of vineyard consulting experience with GPS and aerial imagery, historical and real-time weather data, soil and terroir analysis, and proprietary software for analysis and forecasting. "(Terra Spase)...is revolutionizing the growing of grapevines and the making of wine." Los Angeles Times, June 1998.