Terlato Wines International (TWI) has created a luxury spirits division in conjunction with its partnership with Swiss distillery DIWISA, to market spirits across the US.

The family-owned company said yesterday (22 January) that the division, named Paterno Imports, will add the distillery's red-glass bottled vodka brand Xellent to its portfolio. The line-up will also include Italian brands Nonino Grappa and the coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavoured liqueur Tiramisu, the company said.

Terlato's president and CEO, William Terlato, said: "A luxury spirits division is a natural next step in the evolution of our growing company. We have the marketing and sales expertise in place and Xellent Swiss Vodka is the ideal brand to anchor the launch of this new division."

Xellent will begin its launch across the US next month, bleeding out to selected markets first with event marketing and advertising, said Terlato.

DIWISA president Andrea Affentranger added: "We are thrilled to partner with the Terlato family and Paterno Imports to market and expand our Xellent Swiss Vodka brand in the US."

Terlato is the flagship company of the Terlato Wine Group, the parent company of several independent businesses specialising in the marketing and production of wines.