The president of Mexico's National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (CNIT) has told just-drinks that the sector is increasing its focus on growing exports beyond the US.

The spotlight for Mexico's Tequila producers is turning towards the emerging markets, according to Eduardo Orendain. “We realise there is a growing need to diversify our export markets,” said Orenadain earlier this week.

The CNIT is working with the Mexican government to reduce non-tariff trade barriers in several markets, most notably with Russia, China and Brazil, Orendain added. “We are confident Tequila will find its niche in China, he said, adding that the CNIT is organising a second trade mission to China this year.

The US accounts for 80% of Mexico's Tequila exports, with sales last year rising by 5.5% to 125m litres in the country.