Tequila Corralejo and Grupo Cassatt, two Mexican companies in the food and beverage industry, have announced their interest in participating in the bid for the acquisition of Sandeman, the Port and Sherry producer owned by Pernod-Ricard and recently acquired from Seagram.

In an interview the chairman and CEO of Tequila Corralejo Leonardo Rodríguez said: "Sandeman is a company with tradition and prestige, which fits perfectly with our plans of international development. Tequila as well as Port and Sherry are craftsman products, and in order to create a brand that has the quality that the international customer demands you have to love the land and what is grown on it."

Tequila Corralejo is one of the leading Tequila brands in Mexico and is sold in 29 countries around the world and as well as being one of the fastest growing Tequilas in the past three years.