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Click through to view the new stout

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Tequila Avion's Avion Tequila Stout

Category - Spirits-infused beer, 6.5% abv

Available - From yesterday (16 December) “until stocks run out”

Location - US, New York City, Heartland Brewery's Flatiron Hall

Price - US$6 per 10oz mug, $9 per 16oz mug, $17 per 32oz mug

Distribution - Heartland Brewery

Tequila Avion has teamed up with the Heartland Brewery to produce another Tequila-infused beer.

Avion Tequila Stout is made by aging Heartland Brewery's Farmer Jon's Oatmeal Stout in Tequila Avion anejo barrels for three months. It follows the Avion Tequila IPA released in September, Tequila Avion said yesterday (16 December).

It is only available at Heartland Brewery's Flatiron Hall, an underground beer hall in New York City, for “a limited time”, Avion said.

Tequila Avion is part-owned by Pernod Ricard after the French spirits company bought a minority share in 2011.