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Teeling Whiskey Company's Palace Bar “Fourth Estate” Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Category – Whiskey, Irish, 46% abv 

Available – From today (2 October) 

Location -  Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin

Price -  EUR65 per 70cl bottle. Limited-edition – 1,000 bottles 

Teeling Whiskey Company has linked-up with famous Dublin venue the Palace Bar to launch a single malt Irish whiskey.

Fourth Estate, with an abv of 46%, is designed to revive the lost tradition of 'whiskey bonders' in Ireland, where pubs bought whiskey directly from distilleries and hand-bottled the products themselves.  

The limited edition of 1,000 bottles consists of a combination of hand-selected casks by the Palace bar owner, Willie Aherne, and customers of the venue, and includes whiskey over 21 years old.