A Californian technology company is bringing off-premise wine equipment into the kitchen with the launch of an at-home by-the-glass wine dispenser.

Plum's "super-automatic wine appliance" can chill two bottles at once and keeps them sealed to maintain freshness for up to 90 days. The unit, which costs US$1,499, also identifies the wine it is holding. The wine labels appear on a seven-inch colour touch screen that dispenses a taste or a glass of either wine.

Plum's integrated WiFi and web application automatically keeps track of users' wine history, and allows them to see what friends, sommeliers and winemakers are drinking.

By-the-glass machines are already popular in bars and restaurants as they reduce wastage and allow premises to offer single glasses of the wine list's more expensive options. However, the technology has been too expensive for home use.

Explaining why he created Plum, founder & CEO David Koretz said: "Too often I found myself not finishing a bottle and pouring oxidised wine down the drain, or not opening the bottle at all because I didn't want to waste it."

The at-home market is a big draw for alcohol producers. This month, Beam Suntory said it had backed at-home mixed drinks machine Bartesian in an effort to reach the home cocktails market.