Systembolaget has posted a slight fall in January sales.

The Swedish state-owned alcohol retail monopoly said late last week that sales for the month fell by 3.2% on January 2007, down to 2.7m litres when measured in pure alcohol volume.

The slide registered across all major categories, with spirits leading the way, down 4.9% to 1.3m litres. Wine and strong beer decreased, by 3.4% to 10.9m litres and by 1.3% to 12.9m litres respectively. Cider followed suit, falling 3.8% on the previous year to 0.9m litres.

Systembolaget saw sales for the month decrease across the country, most markedly in the northern county of Vasterbotten, Stockholm and on the island of Gotland.

Speaking to local press, company CEO Anitra Steen said the decrease was in line with the general decline across Sweden's retail sector.

In 2007, total sales at the retailer were up by 5.4% on 2006, coming in at 40.5m litres.