Suso Drinks’ Suso Sparkling Tropical

Suso Drinks’ Suso Sparkling Tropical

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Suso Drinks’ Suso Sparkling Tropical

Category - Soft drinks, carbonated soft drink (CSD)

Available - From September

Location - UK, through national and regional distributors (Brakes, 3663, DBC, JJ’s, Holdsworth, Creed, Mainline), school caterers (Compass, Aramark, Baxter Storey, Harrison, Catering Academy, Innovate) and school buying groups (Pelican, Caterbuy, Food Service Options)

Price - GBP0.75 (US$1.19) for a 250ml can

Suso is made from carbonated fruit juice and has no preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours or sugar added, the firm claims.

Suso CEO, Sean Uprichard said: “Made with mixed fruit juices - including passionfruit and pineapple…Suso meets all Government nutritional standards for drinks in schools.”