One in ten have given up alcohol in past year

One in ten have given up alcohol in past year

More than half of adults questioned in a YouGov survey in the UK want tougher health warnings to be printed on alcoholic drinks labels.

The YouGov SixthSense survey found that 60% of respondents favoured warning labels on the detrimental effects of drinking, like those already printed on cigarette packets in the country.

A third of the 2,387 questioned said that they had cut down on alcohol in the past year, said YouGov, which published the survey on Friday (21 May). One in ten respondents said they had given up alcohol, although 43% said that their drinking habits had not changed.

The survey comes as the new coalition Government in the UK looks to get tougher on problem drinking. Last week, the Government promised to target discount deals in the off-trade by banning below-cost sales of alcohol. It also said it would overhaul the current Licensing Act.

YouGov said its survey confirmed an ongoing trend towards drinking at home.

"People are more likely to buy their alcohol in supermarkets with the intention of drinking at home – the ‘take home’ market share of the alcohol industry has increased by over 3%, whereas the on-trade market share has dropped by the same amount over the past ten years," said the group.

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