Suntory will create three new divisions within its business

Suntory will create three new divisions within its business

Suntory Group has announced a number of organisational changes within the firm that will see the creation of three new divisions and the appointment of new executives.

Suntory's overseas beverage businesses, including the Frucor Group, the Orangina Schweppes Group, Cerebos Pacific, and Pepsi Bottling Ventures, will now be placed under the corporate umbrella of Suntory Beverage & Food Limited alongside its domestic beverage business.

An international division and a corporate planning division will also be created, the firm said today (24 November). Suntory Beverage & Food Limited will, as an enterprise that manages its domestic and overseas beverage businesses having JPY1tn (US$12bn) scale of revenue, aim for further growth by "accelerating globalisation of the beverage business and generating synergy within the group", Suntory added.

The changes will be effective from 1 January 2011.

In addition, in a bid to strengthen Suntory's competitive ability in the global market, the firm has moved its beverage business and business in China under Suntory Liquors Limited. As a result, Suntory Beverage & Food Limited will be transferred to Suntory (China) Holding Co. Ltd.

At the same time, new divisions will be established: the China Liquor Business Division, the China Beverage & Food Business Division, and the Business Planning Department.

"We expect that through these changes Suntory (China) Holding will operate all Chinese business interests in a comprehensive manner under one unified management and strengthen the overall competencies of the China business interests of the Suntory Group for further business growth and increased profits," the firm said.

Executive changes including the appointment of Yasunori Aiba, the managing executive officer of Suntory Holdings Ltd as senior managing director of Suntory Holdings. Nobuhiro Torri, managing executive of Suntory Holdings will become president and COO of the international division of Suntory Beverages & Food, while Shozo Shirai, managing executive officer of Suntory Holdings has been appointed president of Suntory (China) Holding Co. Ltd.

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