Sunny Delight Beverages Co (SDBC) has unveiled a 100% juice smoothie in Spain and in Arizona, US, where it is being tested.

The launch of FruitSimple is part of SDBC's declared aims to produce healthy drinks, and will be available in strawberry & banana, pomegranate & blueberry, orange & mango and mixed berry flavours, the company said today (13 August). Each flavour provides the equivalent of two daily fruit servings in every 8oz glass.

In May, the company announced that it was increasing the size of its Spanish facility in Barcelona by 60% to support the growth of SunnyD in Western Europe and replace services following the sale of Punica to PepsiCo.

President and CEO, Billy Cyr, said SunnyD's European operations will "become more self-sufficient and have greater financial strength to accelerate growth".