Sunny Delight Beverages Co is to launch a road trip as part of a marketing campaign to push its latest product launch SunnyD Smoothies.

The road trip will be made in partnership with COSI, the US-based science centre, and visit 50 cities in 22 states over the course of six months. 

During the trip, tour managers will offer samples of the company's SunnyD Smoothies.

In addition, children will be given the chance to play science-based games, while SunnyD will also make donations of needed games and supplies to youth recreation centres.

"In this country, 50% of children are not getting enough calcium each day, and 42% are not getting enough vitamin D," said Jennifer Cottle, associate marketing director for SunnyD. "We created SunnyD Smoothies to help supplement kids' diets with these nutrients since they aren't getting enough from other sources."

A second SunnyD mobile tour, called the SunnyD Hip Hop Stop, will visit major events and youth recreation centres across the country while offering samples of SunnyD Smoothies. The SunnyD Hip Hop Stop is a 14-week tour starting in May.

The tour will feature dancers from Philadelphia's Chosen Dance Company, an organisation that seeks to enhance global understanding of Hip Hop culture and build appreciation for hip hop as an art form.