The children's soft drink brand, Sunny Delight, is to be re-launched by Procter & Gamble in the UK following a sharp fall in sales. The brand had significant success in the children's drink market following its launch in 1998 but sales suffered after some negative publicity.

The brand attracted criticism for its high levels of sugar and for its packaging which resembled that of pure orange juice even though the product actually only contains 5% pure juice. However, one report of a child turning orange after consistently drinking too much of the product was attributed to the presence of beta carotene, a beneficial substance found in orange juice and carrots.

Sales of the product were said to have fallen by 38% in the year to October 2001. Now, P&G is to re-launch the brand, boosting its juice content to 15% and adding four sugar-free variants to the range. The launch is set to begin in mid-March and will be supported by a £12 million marketing campaign.