SunGard Treasury Systems today announced that it signed Foster's of Australia, one of the world's leading brewers, as a new client. Foster's will be implementing SunGard's eTreasury enabled Quantum solution.

Less than three months after the completion of the acquisition of GIS (Global Information Solutions), which added the Quantum Treasury and Risk Management System to its suite of treasury solutions, SunGard was chosen as Foster's treasury system provider.

SunGard's ability to demonstrate its working eTreasury system influenced Foster's decision to implement SunGard's eTreasury enabled Quantum solution. Foster's requirements were for a best-of-breed, proven solution. Quantum's reputation in the Australian market, combined with eTreasury's production-ready browser technology, made the choice clear.

Quantum is a total front, middle and back office treasury and risk management system, which enables real-time, straight-through processing, from the point of deal capture through to settlements, confirmations and accounting. Quantum is now -- along with GTM, ICMS/TS, ProFX and ResourceIQ2 -- a fully integrated and Web-enabled SunGard treasury solution.

"Quantum has been a respected name in treasury management long before becoming part of SunGard's product portfolio," said Gary Bishop, president of SunGard Treasury Systems. "We are very pleased that such a renowned name as Foster's will be our first implementation of Quantum enabled with eTreasury's browser functionality."

Foster's brews and distributes many of Australia's most famous beers, including Foster's Lager and Victoria Bitter, as well as some of Australia's best-known wines, such as Wolf Blass and Yellowglen. Foster's is one of the world's leading brewers, employing more than 12,000 people.

The group generates close to $2.5 billion in total annual sales and has brewing operations in Australia, Fiji, Vietnam, India and China, and wine operations in Australia, Chile, the United States, the Netherlands and Germany. As an Australian public company with a global focus, Foster's emphasizes technical excellence, superior brand marketing, world-class operating efficiencies and employee development.

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