Conviviality acquired Bibendum PLB earlier this year

Conviviality acquired Bibendum PLB earlier this year

Conviviality Group has lined up price increases in the UK across its Bibendum PLB and Matthew Clark businesses, as the falling Pound starts to squeeze margins.

The firm's drinks distribution units confirmed that the move is a result of "unprecedented times". Sterling has slumped in recent weeks due to uncertainty surrounding the UK's planned withdrawal from the European Union.

"During the recent unprecedented times, with the fall in value of the Pound, we have had to increase prices on certain products," the company said. "In addition to this being a moderate increase, we are working with our customers to minimise the impact that the increase will have, such as mitigating the holding prices on over 400 lines (700 lines for Matthew Clark)."

Bibendum PLB, the result of a merger between Bibendum and PLB two years ago, was acquired by Conviviality in May. The company acquired the Matthew Clark business in October last year

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NB: This article was originally published on 18/10/16, with the headline 'Stumbling UK Pound prompts price increases at Bibendum PLB'. The company has since confirmed that increases will also take effect across Matthew Clark.