Click through to view the Stowford Press advert

Click through to view the Stowford Press advert

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Westons Cider-owned Stowford Press has launched its first London Underground ad campaign in a bid to target party-goers in the run-up to Christmas.

The 48-sheet execution, which can be viewed by clicking through on the logo to the right, continues the cider brand’s “Press On” strapline, transforming the task of wrapping Christmas presents into an “heroic feat”. The ads are on show at 22 London Underground stations until 15 December, including central stations such as Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street.

The company said that it has used the same “cheeky tone of voice” seen in the Stowford Press television advertising launched in the UK last summer.

Westons claims that the ads will be seen more than 25m times, reaching 42% of Tube travellers over the campaign’s two-week duration, equating to around 5m people.

“London accounts for 10% of total take-home cider sales across the UK, supporting the view that there is the opportunity to grow the business further in this city and surrounding regions,” said Ian Lewis, head of marketing at Westons Cider.

“London is becoming considerably more significant to the category; and for a brand like Stowford Press, now is the time to build brand recognition and invest in marketing initiatives within this region.”