Tuborg's famous Thirsty Man has been waiting for a drink for 100 years this month.The character first appeared in Denmark as an advertising poster during November 1900, but the rather overweight character seen wiping the sweat from his brow has since been used on both posters and labels to sell Tuborg to customers in many countries.The Thirsty Man was entered by the artist Erik Henningsen in a poster competition held to celebrate Tuborg's 25th anniversary.He failed to win any of the prizes, but his potential was seen by journalists and Tuborg's managing director, who realised that the poster could be used to set drinkers' thoughts racing towards a cold glass of Tuborg.The popularity of the poster was added to in 1977 when Den Store Tuborg (The Big Tuborg) half-litre bottle was launched using the image as a label. The poster is still one of the most popular sold in Denmark.The image of the Thirsty Man has also been used to great effect in Germany, where Tuborg is the leading imported beer.