Steel Bending Spirits Three Chord Bourbon

Steel Bending Spirits' Three Chord Bourbon

Steel Bending Spirits' Three Chord Blended Bourbon

Category - Spirits, whiskey, Bourbon; 40.5% abv

Available - Now

Location - Michigan, New York, New Jersey, California

Price - US$39.99

Musician and Grammy-winning record producer Neil Giraldo has launched Three Chord Blended Bourbon, a whiskey created using a "tonal vibration" technique.

Launched by Michigan-based Steel Bending Spirits, a company led by Giraldo, Three Chord Blended Bourbon uses up to 12-year-old Bourbons sourced from distillers in Kentucky and Tennessee, which are blended by master distiller Ari Sussman in Jackson, Michigan.

Using a technique known as "Perfectly Tuned Taste", tonal vibrations are then applied to finish the blend and to extract additional flavours from the barrel.

Giraldo said: "I saw how drinks resting on our guitar amplifiers would vibrate and wondered if the implementation of sound and vibrations could also be used to alter and enhance the structure of a seasoned spirit.

"I wanted to take that same philosophy and apply it to making Bourbon."

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