The battle for control of the Kristall vodka distillery in Moscow appears to be swinging towards the state, according to the latest press reports from Russia.

The Moscoa Times said today that a deal had been struck late on Wednesday  between the current embattled general director of Kristall Alexander Timofeyev and government-backed candidate Alexander Romanov.
Romanov has launched a series of takeover attempts in the last week.

The deal comes after a series of takeover attempts by Romanov over the past week.

Timofeyev it is thought will appoint Romanov acting general director in his place, a source said, before adding that the entire management team would be replaced, including the financial director, commercial director, sales director and head of personnel.

Neither Kristall nor Romanov would comment on the story.

The deal is a sudden end to a battle that appeared set to go on for some considerable time after an intermunicipal court unexpectedly froze all of Kristall's settlement accounts.

It is unclear why the dispute is headed for this sudden end. But ominously one source was quoted as saying: "Powers more influential than Rosspirtprom (the country's alcohol authority)" had been involved.