SpiralEffect.com, LLC., an emerging leader in innovative Internet branding and marketing, was chosen today as the exclusive marketer of the Soda.com brand and web site. "With Coke and Pepsi investing heavily on Internet promotion and with domain name values reaching tens of millions of dollars, we felt it was critical to hire a partner to help us manage the sale of Soda.com," said Peter Wendt, the co-owner of Soda.com. "Cool.com recently turned down an offer for $38 million and America.com recently rejected an offer for over $10 million. We believe that Soda.com has far greater application, appeal and value." "The Soda.com brand name is extremely valuable. It is instantly recognized by millions of people around the world and has promotional and business value that extends far beyond the soft drink industry," said Dan Lynn, co-founder of SpiralEffect.com. "At the end of the day Soda.com is a great brand name for the Internet age."