SPIs Moskovskaya campaign is called MoskoVS attitude

SPI's Moskovskaya campaign is called 'MoskoVS attitude'

SPI Group will roll out a global communications strategy for its Moskovskaya vodka brand as it looks to simplify the message around the category. 

The company's Baltic drinks arm Amber Beverage Group said today that the new creative is "straight-talking". Called 'MoskoVS attitude', the campaign forms part of SPI's global repositioning of the brand. 

"By integrating 'MoskoVS attitude' in brand communication, Moskovskaya Vodka has come out of its historic shell, and from now on will engage with its consumers worldwide in a more attractive and straight-talking way," said Valters Kaze, CMO at Amber Beverage Group. "I am sure that it will help the brand to grow its already significant global footprint of over 40 markets and attract new consumers."

The new communication will commence with the brand's core markets in Europe and will roll out to the Americas. Financial details were not disclosed. 

In May, SPI launched a higher-end expression of its Moskovskaya brand. Moskovskaya Silver, the brand's first extension, has been released in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, ahead of a wider roll-out to other markets later this year.