Swedish brewer Spendrups is preparing to launch a stronger version of its low-carb beer next month.

Spendrups, Sweden's number two brewer, initially unveiled Spendrups Bright low-carb beer through retail outlets last year. The beer's abv is fixed at 3.5%.

The stronger version will have an alcohol content of 5% and will be sold through Systembolaget, Sweden's state-owned alcohol retail monopoly. Swedish alcohol law bans the sale of beers with an alcohol content exceeding 3.5% in retail outlets other than Systembolaget.

A Spendrups spokesperson said that the distribution agreement with the Systembolaget chain would have a "dynamic impact" in driving sales of Spendrups Bright.

Both the low and strong alcohol versions of Spendrups Bright contain 50% less calories than the company's traditional brands.

Spendrups marketing director Mats Wester said low-carb beers have a "promising future"  in Sweden as consumers are becoming more focused on a healthy eating and drinking culture.