Champagne sales still remain ahead of sparkling wine

Champagne sales still remain ahead of sparkling wine

Sparkling wine is continuing to register impressive growth in the UK on- and off-trade, with full-year sales up by double digits, according to latest figures.

Sales of sparkling wine in pubs, bars and restaurants rose in the 12 months to 25 January by 18% to GBP138m (US$229.4m), according to the Wine & Spirit Trade Association's annual report, published today (27 March). Volumes of the sub-category were up by 11% to 58,000 hectolitres. 

By contrast on-trade Champagne sales fell 2%, but remain greater than sparkling wine, totalling GBP331m over the 12 months. 

In the off-trade, sparkling wine saw sales climb by 15% in the period to GBP464m, while volumes rose by 8% to 515,000 hl.

Other strong performers were liqueurs and single malt whisky. Liqueurs saw 10% sales growth in the on-trade over the 12 months, with volumes up by the same level. In the off-trade, sales of liqueurs rose by 7% to GBP474m, while volumes were up by 2% to 296,000 hl.

The single malt whisky category saw a 22% lift in on-trade sales to GBP122m, with volumes jumping by 20% to 9,000 hectolitres. In the off-trade the sub-category, saw an 8% rise in sales to GBP168m, while volumes climbed by 2% to 45,000 hl. 

Total UK on-trade alcohol sales fell by 6% in the 12 months, the report, based on CGA figures, found. Beer sales were down by 7% and wine fell by 2%, while spirits sales were up 1%.

In the off-trade, based on Nielsen data, total alcohol volumes were flat in the 12 months, while sales rose by 3% to GBP15.1bn.