Soyuz Victan USA has unveiled the first stage of its national advertising campaign for Silk Vodka across the US.

The US arm of the Ukrainian company announced today (19 October) that it will advertise the vodka brand in the November and December issues of Playboy, Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair, as well as in seven major media markets regionally.

Issues of local magazines Gotham, Village Voice, Boston Common, Los Angeles Confidential, Ocean Drive, Atlanta Peach, San Francisco and Chicago Social will also display the advert, the company said.

Silk Vodka vice president of marketing Yaroslav Bondarenko said: "Silk Vodka is an adult beverage, therefore we have taken some liberties, within reason, with the imaging of the brand and are communicating with people on a level that brings enjoyment, similar to enjoying a cocktail."

MGL vice president and media director Robert Steinhilber added: "Vodka drinkers are generally an astute group of consumers, looking for the next trendsetting fashion item or hippest new restaurant - they want to be 'in the know' and have a real sense of what is happening in their communities, especially from a social perspective. The publications we've chosen for the campaign give the brand the best opportunity to get a large share of voice with a targeted consumer."

Silk Vodka, estimated to reach sales of 30,000 cases by the close of the first year, retails at US$29.99 for a 750ml bottle.

In July, Soyuz Victan added Wine Warehouse as its distributor in California. The appointment followed the success of a limited number of accounts in the state for Silk Vodka that were already being run through MHW, Soyuz Victan said. Based on that initial success and the support behind Silk Vodka, Wine Warehouse agreed to distribute Silk Vodka state wide.