Brown-Forman is launching a UK television push for Southern Comfort as part of its pre-Christmas campaign and is looking to "own February".

The company announced last week that it will roll out a television campaign for Southern Comfort from November in the country supported by radio, online and national print advertising. It follows Brown-Forman's efforts to support Southern Comfort's colloquial bar name 'SoCo' across the UK since its popularity with consumers in the US.

"Around GBP2m (US$4m) will be invested in the remainder of the year, predominantly in November and December," a spokesperson for Southern Comfort's owner, Brown-Forman, said. "TV will be our main medium. Historically, over the past two years we have been the number one spirit advertiser on TV. Our intention is that we will be again."

In addition to the spend supporting the brand's new image, the company gestured towards its intentions to stake its claim on the consumer's calendar with Southern Comfort linking to Mardi Gras.

The wine and spirits group explained that it had "looked around at what was happening in the industry and what could be learnt from Guinness and its association with St Patrick's Day, or Jack Daniels celebrating Jack's birthday in September and saw themes were coming out, with brands owning the same space and time on the calendar year in, year out."

The company added: "We're a proud brand, we're from New Orleans and we thought: 'You know what? February is Mardi Gras, what a great opportunity to start leveraging that property and that time of year'. We believe it's a great opportunity to own February and really rejuvenate that slow period post-January. It's not just a one-off, we're looking to make this an annual part of our brand activity."