The walk-out by SAB workers ended yesterday

The walk-out by SAB workers ended yesterday

South African Breweries (SAB) has agreed a settlement with workers after a month-long strike. 

The SABMiller subsidiary and the Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) confirmed a deal was reached yesterday (4 November) that will see staff get a 7% wage rise with performance-related pay. The strike began in late September, but SAB claimed last month that fewer than 30% of union members were involved. 

The union had threatened a boycott after what it called a compromise of a 7.5% increase was not met. 

SAB's MD, Mauricio Leyva, said today: “I was proud of the resilience of the majority of our employees during this difficult period who worked together to ensure the impact on our operations was minimised. 

“However, there are no winners during a strike which has taken a toll on all of us – those who continued working, those who went out on strike, the union as well as the company.” 

Katishi Masemola, FAWU's general secretary, said: “We congratulate them (the members) for the show of unity and discipline throughout the strike, including on allowing or tolerating those who returned to work or joined later as the strike was proceeding.

“We hope that SAB management will realise the importance of handling workers` demands with the necessary sensitivity and seriousness.” 

SAB claims it is “one of the highest-paying employers” in South Africa's FMCG industry.