Danish brewer, Carlsberg, was forced to pull a TV ad featuring Ireland's World Cup football team following complaints because one of the players included was aged under 25. Robbie Keane was the player in question who is only 22.

The complaint was upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland. In Ireland, as in the UK, advertisers are only allowed to use actors over 25 in TV and cinema advertising for alcoholic drinks.

Meanwhile, the ASA of Ireland also upheld a complaint against a Budweiser poster ad which referred to the French national football team as "frogs". The poster featured a picture of a lizard with the World Cup trophy, with the slogan "The frogs won last time. Please not again". Budweiser defended the ad saying it needed to be viewed in the context of the long-running theme in its advertising of rivalry between beer-drinking lizards and frogs. The ad was pulled earlier this month.