The head of Scottish & Newcastle has been quoted this week as saying he has a "bone to pick" with its joint venture partner, Carlsberg.

The Danish brewer has teamed up with Heineken to attempt to acquire S&N. Carlsberg and S&N jointly own Baltic Beverages Holding, a brewing interest that operates in Eastern Europe and has proved to be a cash cow for the two brewers in recent years.

Speaking to Dutch media yesterday (4 December), John Dunsmore was cited as saying that he "only has a difference of opinion on a business level" with Heineken, although he had a "bone to pick" with Carlsberg.

When contacted by just-drinks today, a spokesperson for S&N confirmed the company's stance. "We clearly regard Heineken's position as unacceptable," the spokesperson said, "but we see Carlsberg's much more so - they were our partners in BBH, and they have tried to circumvent the shareholder's agreement we have together."

Earlier today, S&N confirmed that the arbitration tribunal, which the brewer invoked in October, has appointed a chairman. A decision on the arbitration over BBH, which will decide whether S&N can take full control of BBH, is expected in June next year.

"If Heineken's position is a misdemeanour, then Carlsberg's is grand larceny," the spokesperson added.