The one-litre size of Diageo's Smirnoff vodka has topped a list of the UK's top-selling brands, with the 70cl bottle coming third, according to new figures.

In the 12 months to the end of October, Smirnoff one-litre posted sales of GBP191m (US$300m), tracking firm IRI said today. Smirnoff 70cl took 165.2m in sales.

The list covers 711 brands, with sales data taken from all UK supermarkets, convenience stores, independent grocers, as well as newsagents and tobacconists, IRI said.

Edrington's Famous Grouse blended Scotch one-litre bottle was the next alcohol brand at number nine, securing sales of GBP130.4m. Brown-Forman's Jack Daniels whiskey 70cl bottle was fourth at number 16.

A 20-can multipack of Heineken's Fosters was the first beer on the list at number 22, while Anheuser-Busch InBev's Stella Artois came 23rd with a four-pack format. 

A second list from IRI that featured own-brand labels revealed that Smirnoff comfortably beat supermarket vodka in terms of sales. The highest-placed supermarket vodka was a 70cl bottle with sales of GBP121.8m.

In September, Diageo unveiled a new Smirnoff TV ad in a GBP15m marketing push for the vodka brand in the UK.