Nightfly, the Diageo-owned wireless media channel, has announced it is launching the largest ever outbound SMS marketing campaign.

The campaigns, called "Smirnoff Switched On" and "Smirnoff Experience", are both aimed at increasing brand awareness and sales through bars, nightclubs and off-trade drinks retailers nationwide.

As part of the wireless element, Nightfly is undertaking a pre-publicity campaign, texting over 175,000 people, making it the largest outbound SMS marketing campaign to date, the company said in a statement.

"Smirnoff Experience" is a programme of more than 300 club nights in over 50 cities and towns around the UK. Nightfly will promote the nights by targeting 18- to 24-year-olds in the relevant cities with text messages giving details of the events.

Smirnoff will use a database of subscribers, signed up face-to-face in clubs and bars, which holds information on each customer. This, the company said, enables them to target receptive users who want to receive messages in each of the relevant cities.

"Smirnoff Switched On" incorporates a 'text and win' game that will run until 31st May. Customers have a chance to play the game once they have received a free CD of dance music.

Customers receive the CD when buying packs of eight Smirnoff drinks from selected off-trade retailers or when purchasing four or more Smirnoff drinks from 4,500 bars and clubs nationwide. Inside the CD is one of 2 million unique reference numbers that they quote when texting the Nightfly number.

Customers then receive an immediate reply stating whether or not they have won a prize. Prizes include 25 clubbing city breaks, 25 Smirnoff Experience VIP Nights, MP3 players and Boxfresh T-shirts.

Pamela Bower-Nye, Smirnoff brand director at Guinness UDV, said: "Smirnoff Experience and Switched On are major campaigns for us, and we see wireless marketing as an integral part of them. With Nightfly's comprehensive and highly profiled database, Smirnoff Experience will draw in the right audience to the right venues at the right time.

"Smirnoff Switched On will also benefit from Nightfly's superior technology and database - the tracking website for the campaign will enable us to adapt the campaign instantaneously to increase sales and awareness in certain areas."

Dan Radice, MD, Nightfly, said: "This is the largest outbound SMS campaign to date - by sending over 500,000 texts to 175,000 consumers who have signed up to receive them, we are demonstrating that outbound SMS can truly deliver the sort of scale that is of interest to major brands."