The pear is grown inside the bottle

The pear is grown inside the bottle

Kartuzija Pleterje, the business entity of a Slovenian monastery where monks produce a pear brandy, has expanded distribution to the UK.

The Pleterje Charterhouse Pear Brandy with Williams Pear, which contains a pear grown inside its bottle, is now available from UK online retailer Just Miniatures, it was announced today (29 November). Only 4,000 70cl bottles a year, priced at GBP44.99 (US$74), will go on sale because of limited stocks.

The brandy is produced by a team that includes nine monks at the Pleterje Charterhouse Monastery in eastern Slovenia. It was previously only available in Slovenia.

Oliver Muldoon, the monastery's representative, said: “When the fruit reaches hazelnut size, bottles are fixed to the trees so that the pears grow and ripen inside the glass. After the pears are picked, the bottles are topped up with four-times distilled pear brandy.”

The brandy will also be available at on the Fox & Anchor pub on Charterhouse Street in London, near the London Charterhouse Monastery.

Rémy Cointreau this month launched what it claims is one of the world's first honey-flavoured French liqueurs, using a blend of honey and brandy.