Gruppo Campari has lined up a fresh vodka offering in the US from its Skyy Spirits subsidiary.

The San Francisco-based unit said today (12 March) that Skyy 90, a super-premium vodka, is set to roll out nationally in the coming weeks.

The subsidiary said it has spent US$25m on developing what it called "the world's most technologically advanced distillery" to produce the new vodka. The distillate comes in at 100%, a world first, Skyy claims, and is then blended with 100% pure water to 90 proof.

"Skyy 90 stands alone in the market because we have enhanced the taste by creating the purest expression of vodka," said master distiller Randall Schrick. "Skyy 90's 100% distillate is a higher standard of vodka that will appeal to the discriminating palate of today's vodka connoisseurs."

The new vodka has been trialled in major metropolitan markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, and will be available across the US by late spring.