Skyy Spirits, the subsidiary of Gruppo Campari, has re-packaged Irish Mist, the whisky liqueur it distributes and markets in the US.

The company said that the new package was designed to position the spirit as an accessible mixer and a beverage for a broad range of occasions.

Moving away from the decanter shaped bottle of the past, the new, taller design takes its inspiration from the Irish whiskey category.

Consumers will find the new packaging in bars and stores alongside the liqueur's namesake base spirit from this month. A refreshed logo maintains the brand's Celtic roots but the company claims it will be easier to spot on the back bar and on store shelves.

"In recent years, the liqueur category has undergone enormous changes; liqueurs are no longer just after dinner drinks," said Paul Caffrey, brand manager for Tullamore Dew and Irish Mist. "The combination of strength, sweetness and smoothness, makes Irish Mist highly accessible as a sipper, shooter or a versatile mixer."

The tagline for the brand has also been updated to: "Ridiculously Sociable" and is aimed at attracting a new audience of men and women age 21 to 35.

"We want to introduce this unique liqueur to a new breed of consumers," added Caffrey. "The flavour profile of Irish Mist is ideal for today's cocktail enthusiast."