SkinnyBrands Lager is 4% abv and contains 89 calories per 33cl bottle

SkinnyBrands Lager is 4% abv and contains 89 calories per 33cl bottle

SkinnyBrands' SkinnyBrands Lager

Category - Beer, 4% abv

Available - From this month online at, early next year in UK retail

Location - UK

Price - Online price, GBP25.99 (US$32.50) per 24x33cl pack

UK firm SkinnyBrands has launched a low-calorie, low-sugar lager that contains less than one-quarter of the carbohydrates of regular beers.

SkinnyBrands Lager will roll out next year in Morrisons supermarkets, initially GBP9 (US$11.20) for 10x33cl bottles, SkinnyBrands said this week. The 4% abv lager contains 89 calories and 2.7g of carbohydrates. In comparison, Anheuser-Busch InBev's Corona Extra has 14g of carbohydrates per 33cl bottle.

SkinnyBrands Lager has also been included in both WeightWatchers and Slimming World's diet plans, where it counts for fewer "points" than rival lagers.

SkinnyBrands founder Tom Bell told just-drinks that the lager offers "the global consumers the perfect healthier alternative that compromises nothing".

"If it tastes great, looks great, has the same alcohol percentage we are accustomed to with a large variety of health benefits, and is at the same price as normal, then why not?" Bell said.

He also said that the term "light" beer is now meaningless to consumers. "[It] is hugely misleading for the public as nobody knows what it is about the product that makes it 'light'," he said. "Skinny is very well known and very well understood throughout the consumer sector."

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