Skinny Nutritional Corp has signed new agreements with three large beverage distributors in the US state of Minnesota.

The deals bring Skinny Water, a zero-calorie, multi-functional water, to a market of 5m Minnesota consumers, including the Minneapolis market, the largest city in the state, the company said today (20 June).

Skinny now has four Anheuser-Busch distributors as part of its distribution expansion to work with beer wholesalers around the country.

Capitol Beverage Sales, Thorpe Distributing, Rogers and College City Beverage, will distribute all five Skinny Water flavours through convenience stores, grocery stores, drug stores, work-out facilities, salons and spas throughout the state.

"Beer distributors across America want to carry more non-alcoholic premium products, and tapping into the demand for Skinny Water is a great way to do that," said Don McDonald, president and CEO of Skinny Nutritional. "Minneapolis is a key market for us because it has a large number of Target Stores and is headquarters to Target Corp."

The Skinny Water line-up includes Acai Grape Blueberry (Hi-Energy), Raspberry Pomegranate (Crave Control), Goji Fruit Punch (Shape), Passionfruit Lemonade (Total-V), and Peach Mango Mandarin (XXX-Detox).

Every bottle of Skinny Water has clinically proven ingredients to boost metabolism and control appetite, said the company.

"We chose to distribute Skinny Water because we believe that Skinny Water's zero calorie, zero sugar, appetite-suppressing functionality and the taste profiles of the five flavours is a marketable beverage in Minnesota," said Paul Morrissey, president, Capitol Beverage Sales. "We have already experienced success with other non-alcoholic beverages and are expanding our N-A beverage division of which Skinny Water is now a part of."