The Shotmeister serves Jägermeister at -17 degrees Celsius

The Shotmeister serves Jägermeister at -17 degrees Celsius

Sidney Frank Importing Company, which handles Jägermeister in the US, has launched a home version of its ice-cold shot dispenser for the German liqueur brand.

The Shotmeister, which sells for US$199, is a "home bar accessory”, Sidney Frank said yesterday (10 September). It is smaller than on-trade versions of Sidney Frank's shot dispenser but features the same cooling mechanism technology that chills Jägermeister to -17 degrees Celsius.

“With the introduction of the Shotmeister, consumers can now recreate the experience of ice cold shots of Jägermeister out of the tap machine in their own home,” said Amanda Blanco, marketing VP for Jägermeister at Sidney Frank.

Earlier this week,  Mast-Jägermeister announced it is setting up its first distribution subsidiary outside of its native Germany, in the UK. 

In April, Jägermeister's owner, Mast-Jägermeister, said it was handing Australian distribution of the brand to Beam Inc.